Holiday Haus
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4780 Iberia Ave.
1000 sqft sqft
10 People
Holiday Haus
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Discover a chic winter wonderland: 1,000 sqft modern studio, 20-ft ceilings, abundant light, and enchanting holiday vibes.

Step into a magical winter haven at the Photo Loft - Holiday Edition! Nestled in Dallas' lively Design District, this artist's dream offers 1,000 sqft of chic interiors. Adorned with festive decor, it's perfect for capturing holiday moments. Experience the enchantment of 20-ft ceilings and grand windows pouring radiant winter light onto your shots. Step outside to our charming backyard oasis for outdoor scenes. Street parking available. Unleash your creativity with our constant light and lantern modifier, courtesy of Geekoto. Book now and receive a 10% discount on your first Geekoto purchase. Your winter wonderland awaits!

Prohibited items & activities
Body Oil
Sticky Liquids
Cake Smash
Open Flames
Illicit Drugs
Moving Furniture

General Rules

Please ensure you thoroughly familiarize yourself with our studio rules. Non-compliance may lead to additional charges. To ensure that these rules are upheld, we utilize Wi-Fi cameras throughout the shooting spaces, monitored by a female virtual assistant. Please note, bathrooms are exempt from this monitoring for privacy.
If a rule violation is detected, a studio representative will attempt to contact you twice on the provided phone number. If we are unable to reach you after two calls, our studio's Public Address (PA) system will be activated to address the issue. In order to avoid the use of the PA system, we kindly ask that you keep your phone on and its volume sufficiently loud to receive our calls while in the studio.

1. Checkout Process

Your booking includes a 10-minute cleaning and checkout period that starts after your session's end time. Please note that a Photo Loft virtual manager will be monitoring the Wi-Fi cameras to ensure that all shooting stops promptly at the end of the booking, and the checkout process is initiated. If the Photo Loft representative observes that you are still shooting after your scheduled end time, they will call the phone number you provide to ensure that shooting stops, and you begin packing and initiating the checkout process. If you do not answer your phone, the Photo Loft representative will activate our loud Wi-Fi speaker and communicate with you. We aim to avoid any discomfort or embarrassment, so we kindly request that you set your phone to loud to ensure we can reach you. Please be aware that we will charge up to $100 if our checkout process isn't completed perfectly. Additionally, if you do not leave within the 10-minute checkout window, we will charge the card on file late fees of $10 per minute spent in the studio after the 10-minute window. It is therefore essential to adhere to the checkout process and vacate the studio promptly to avoid any additional charges. Your confirmation email will include a link to our detailed checkout process. We've included helpful photos that make it easy to follow along, and most people complete the process in about five minutes. This way, you can be sure you're following our checkout process correctly and avoid any additional charges.

2. Respect the Furniture

Small items may be moved. Large items, including the sofa, rug and Christmas tree cannot be moved. You will be fined $100.

To preserve the quality of our high-end furniture, shoes are not allowed on couches or beds.

Any scuffs, dirt, or damage may result in charges corresponding to the cost of repair, cleaning, or replacement.

3. Timeliness and Courtesy

Please be considerate to subsequent users by cleaning up and exiting the studio promptly at the end of your booked time slot.

4. Tub and/or Shower Use

If you wish to incorporate the tub and/or shower in your shoot, please email us a copy of your business insurance.


There is ample street level parking next to the studio. Do NOT park in the reserved parking lot next to the studio or you could get towed.

Entering the Space

You'll receive a confirmation email after booking with us, which includes a link to comprehensive access instructions, complete with useful visuals to guide you smoothly to our studio.

Are pets allowed in the space?

As much as we love animals, pets are not allowed at any of our studio or event space locations. If we find evidence of a pet being in the space, we will charge a $500 fee.

Am I being monitored when I’m in the studio?

Yes, every one of our studios is equipped with cameras that we are constantly monitoring to ensure our rules are being followed. There are no cameras in the restroom.

Can I book your studio for a boudoir photography session?

Tasteful boudoir and swimwear photos are allowed, but we want you to know about our camera rules. Our cameras are always on to keep everyone safe and make sure all rules are followed. But if you still want to take boudoir photos and you understand our camera rules, we're okay with it. Please make sure you and your clients are okay with the cameras before you book. If you are a member and you'd like the cameras off, that's possible, but you need to give us insurance. This is because members know the rules and what happens if they don't follow them. This way, we can keep our place safe while we respect your privacy

Is nudity allowed in your studio?

We do not allow nudity in our studio due to our camera monitoring policy. However, nudity may be allowed for members who provide proof of insurance when our cameras are turned off.

What steps do you take to protect my privacy during a boudoir session?

We take our clients' privacy seriously. While we do not turn off our cameras, we have implemented the following measures to protect your privacy:

  1. Our cameras are monitored by a female virtual assistant only, who checks in every 5-10 minutes to ensure there are no rules being broken.
  2. All footage is deleted at the end of business day unless keeping it is necessary for addressing rule violations, potential liability issues, or legal matters.
  3. We make it abundantly clear that we actively monitor all sessions and events that take place in our spaces. Clients must agree to our cameras monitoring policy before booking.

When does the studio get the best light?

Our windows face southwest and north. This means we get abundant natural lighting throughout the day.

Can I use the plates and glassware in the kitchen?

No, all of our kitchen glassware and dishes are for decoration purposes only. If you bring in food or need to use dishes as a prop, you must bring your own.

Can I remove the Christmas decor?

No, the Christmas decor cannot be removed. It is a permanent installation that will be available from October 2nd - November 30th.

How early can I arrive to the studio?

Early entry into the studio is prohibited. You will only be allowed to enter the space at your official event start time. Set up and breakdown activities should be completed within your scheduled event time reservation.

Can I move the furniture?

Small items may be moved. Large items, including the sofa, media console, and rug cannot be moved without prior approval. You will be fined $100 for moving any of the items below:

  • Sofa
  • Rug
  • Media console

Can I create cooking content in the kitchen?

Please email us for more details. You must provide proof of insurance

Can I remove the provided LED constant light to use the stand for my own lighting equipment?

We provide a complimentary LED constant light in each photography studio to enhance your shooting experience. However, we do not permit the removal of this light to use the stand for personal lighting equipment. It's essential to keep the LED constant light affixed to its stand to ensure the safety and integrity of our equipment. If you have specific lighting needs, we encourage you to bring additional stands to accommodate your gear.

What is your refund / cancellation policy?

Because of our affordable rates and the fact that this particular studio is closing November 26th, we do not allow rescheduling. If you cancel, you will NOT get a credit or a refund. All sales and bookings are final.

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Frequently Asked Questions
Does this property belong to Photo Loft?

No, all properties on this website belong to other owners. Photo Loft Co. simply acts as a directory for properties.

Why do you need my email?

Email addresses are the only way we are able to trace back who we are sending over to these properties.

Who do I contact if something is wrong with my booking?

Any complaints or support requests have to be dealt with the property owner. Photo Loft is not responsible for any booking, transaction, or interaction between guests and properties. If you have a complaint about a property or their owner, send us an email to

Can I report a property?

Absolutely! If you believe that a property should not be on our site, send us an email to

Can I get a refund?

Photo Loft is not responsible for any transactions. You would need to reach out to the property owner to request a refund.

Do you sell my information?

No, we don't sell or share your information to anyone outside of Photo Loft.

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