Appreciation Venue
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4770 Iberia Ave
1,450 sqft. sqft
75 People
Appreciation Venue
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This 1,450 sqft. open space is a versatile canvas for your small wedding, baby shower, gender reveal, birthday party, or any intimate event.

Welcome to our modern, upscale warehouse in the quiet, low-traffic corner of the Dallas Design District, the perfect setting for your next event. The warehouse's facade features a large glass garage door that not only simplifies loading but adds a unique industrial flair to the entrance. At one end of our rectangular space, a fully functional kitchen and convenient restroom can cater to your event's needs. Meanwhile, the other end is framed by a second entrance through a standard glass door.
In the heart of the space, a staircase leads up to a catwalk, offering access to a second restroom and an additional room, perfect for storage or a private retreat during events. As your eyes follow the staircase upwards, they meet our 25-foot tall ceiling, punctuated by two skylights that bathe the warehouse in warm, natural light.
Invite your guests to experience an event in our modern warehouse, where classic industrial meets chic, and make unforgettable memories in this unique Dallas Design District space.

Prohibited items & activities
Body Oil
Sticky Liquids
Cake Smash
Open Flames
Illicit Drugs
Moving Furniture

General Rules

Please ensure you thoroughly familiarize yourself with our studio rules. Non-compliance may lead to additional charges. To ensure that these rules are upheld, we utilize Wi-Fi cameras throughout the shooting spaces, monitored by a virtual assistant. Please note, bathrooms are exempt from this monitoring for privacy.
If a rule violation is detected, a studio representative will attempt to contact you twice on the provided phone number. If we are unable to reach you after two calls, our studio's Public Address (PA) system will be activated to address the issue. In order to avoid the use of the PA system, we kindly ask that you keep your phone on and its volume sufficiently loud to receive our calls while in the studio.

1. Checkout Process

A comprehensive checkout process is mandatory for all event bookings. This process includes steps to ensure ALL items, even the smallest ones, are returned exactly to their original places and that the venue is left in a respectable manner. The process is designed to be easy and efficient, taking no more than 30 minutes to complete. It is essential for maintaining the venue's organization and cleanliness for each guest.
Failure to follow all steps of the checkout process or including correctly replacing items, may result in additional cleaning fees of up to $500. A virtual assistant monitors the cameras that overlook the venue (excluding restrooms) to help ensure the checkout process is executed correctly.

2. Respect the Furniture

Any scuffs, dirt, or damage may result in charges corresponding to the cost of repair, cleaning, or replacement.
ALL items must be placed back in their original placement.

3. Noise Levels

We require that all loud music and noise completely stop by 10pm from Sunday to Thursday, and by 11pm on Fridays and Saturdays.

4. Timeliness and Courtesy

You can only be in the venue during the time you've booked. This means you have to set up and clean up within this time too. For example, if your event is from 1pm to 5pm, everything needs to happen in those hours. If you come too early or leave too late, there will be extra fees.


There's a lot of street level parking on Iberia Avenue. The venue has 4 parking spaces just for you in front of the building. The other parking spaces are for the office next door. If your event is after business hours or on the weekend, you can probably use the whole lot. But remember, only the 4 spaces belong to us, so we can't promise anything about the other ones.

Entering the Space

The venue will be unlocked and ready for you to enter at the start of your scheduled reservation.

Can I decorate the space?

Feel free to decorate the space for your event! However, please note that you are not allowed to use tape, nails, glue, or anything that may cause permanent damage or discoloration to our walls, floors, ceilings, etc.

Are tables and chairs included?

We are pleased to provide five 8-foot plastic rectangle tables and 50 black folding metal chairs for your event at no additional cost. However, you must return them to their original storage location precisely as you found them. Our supply room, located behind the kitchen, is where these items are conveniently stored. Failure to return the tables and chairs to the supply room in the exact same way you found them will result in a $200 fee. Alternatively, you may bring your own tables and chairs to avoid this rule.

Am I allowed to hire a DJ for my event?

Yes, you are allowed to hire a DJ for your event. However, if your event is booked in the evening, you must ensure that all music stops by 11pm and that the venue is vacated by 12am.

Is there outdoor space for a bounce house, food truck, BBQ smoker, etc?

Your booking includes four reserved parking spaces located right in front of our venue. These spaces can be used to park up to four vehicles or as outdoor space for extra seating, a bounce house, or food vendors. The four parking spaces are guaranteed. However, we cannot guarantee that the rest of the reserved parking spots will be available for your guests, as the majority of the reserved parking lot belongs to another business. If that business requires their spaces, you will not be able to park in them. Your guests must park on the street if the rest of the reserved parking lot is not available.

Can I tour the space?

Yes, absolutely! You can book a tour with us by clicking "15 minute tour for Appreciation Venue".

If you're not ready to take a tour yet, our website has loads of pictures and a cool virtual tour. It's almost like being here in person, and it could help you decide before booking.

Are kids allowed in the space?

Yes, kids are allowed in our spaces.

Are pets allowed in the space?

As much as we love animals, pets are not allowed at any of our studio or event space locations. If we find evidence of a pet being in the space, we will charge a $500 fee.

Do you have an elevator?

Please note that this venue does not have an elevator. The second floor can only be accessed via stairs. The main event space area is located on the ground level, and there is a restroom available on the first floor. To access the secondary restroom and additional room, you will need to use the stairs to reach the second floor.

How big is the venue?

The Appreciation Venue is 1800 sqft, with 1450 sqft on the first floor and an additional 350 sqft upstairs. The upstairs room can be used as a photo booth, storage area, VIP section, or bridal room.

Do you have a restroom in the venue?

Yes, there are two restrooms at the venue. One is located on the first floor and the other is upstairs on the second floor. Both restroom are accessible for your event.

How early can I arrive to the venue?

Early entry into the venue is prohibited. You will only be allowed to enter the space at your official event start time. Set up and breakdown activities should be completed within your scheduled event time reservation.

Can I come back to clean the venue the morning after my event?

All cleanup must be completed during your scheduled event period. This is necessary because we may have another event booked immediately after yours or the following morning.

Where can my guests park?

Our venue is situated in a quiet area with low traffic in the Dallas Design District. Ample street parking is available. There is a large reserved parking lot in front of the venue, but only four of the reserved spots belong to us. These four spots are the only ones we can guarantee for your event, which you can use for parking or as outdoor space. We cannot guarantee parking in the rest of the reserved lot for your event, as it belongs to the large office tenant next to us. If your event is scheduled after standard business hours or on the weekend, you might be able to permit guests to park in the lot. However, if the office tenant is using the lot, guests cannot park there, as they may be towed.

What is your cancellation policy?

Please note that we don’t provide any monetary refunds in case of cancellations. However, we offer credits that you can use toward booking a future event. The credit amount is determined by how far in advance you cancel your booking: If you cancel 60 days or more prior to the event, we will grant you 100% of your payment as credit towards a future event. If you cancel between 59 and 30 days prior to the event, we will grand you 50% of your payment as credit towards a future event. If you cancel between 29 and 15 days prior to the event, we will grand you 25% of your payment as credit towards a future event. If you cancel less than 15 days prior to the event, no credit will be granted. Please note that these credits are only valid for future events and cannot be converted into cash refunds. The credits will expire after 180 days if not used.

What is your rescheduling policy?

Our policy does not allow direct rescheduling of events. If you wish to change the date of your event, you will need to cancel your current booking first. Upon cancellation, you will receive a credit according to our cancellation policy, which you can then use towards booking a new date. Please refer to our cancellation policy FAQ for more information on our credit system.

Can I use the kitchen for my event?

Our kitchen appliances may be used to warm up food, but you are not allowed to cook food as we want to avoid oil splatters.

Do you require event insurance?

Proof of insurance is required at least 7 days prior to your event. The specific event requirements will be included in your confirmation email after booking. You are responsible for obtaining general liability insurance that protects our space from damages, as well as additional coverage based on what you plan to do and provide during the event. For instance, if you will have alcohol at your event, you must add insurance covering alcohol-related incidents.

What is the max capacity of the space?

Our maximum occupancy for the property is 75 people.

Can I pay half now for my event and half later?

Yes, you can! We offer a flexible payment option where you can pay a 50% deposit to reserve your event date. This ensures that the date is held exclusively for you. The remaining 50% of the total event cost is then due one week prior to the scheduled event date, allowing for a smooth finalization of all event arrangements. This split-payment structure is designed to ease the financial commitment and help you manage your event budget efficiently.

Can I waive the cleaning fee? I promise I'll be super clean!

We appreciate your intent to maintain cleanliness! However, the cleaning fee is mandatory and cannot be waived. This fee covers the cost of professional cleaners who will vacuum, mop, and restock items to ensure the venue is pristine for every event. While we have professional cleaners, renters are still expected to take out their own trash and leave the space in a respectable manner - exactly how they found it. This policy helps us maintain a high standard of cleanliness and readiness for all our guests.

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